Local Development and Good Governance Programme (PDLBG)

Detailed description of project:

PDLBG is a joint programme of the German Financial Cooperation (KfW) and the Senegalese government to support local governments in six regions of Sine Saloum and Casamance in the national effort of promoting local development and decentralization. The implementing agency is AGETIP (Agence d’Exécution des Travaux d’Intérêt Public contre le sous-emploi), the public authority charged with implementing investments on the local level.

The consultant supports AGETIP in achieving the following objectives: a) ensure the sustainable operation of economic and social infrastructure; b) build capacities for local self-governance; c) foster an enabling environment for decentralization and local develop­ment; and d) develop a productive and viable peace economy in the Casamance region.

The objectives of the current phase will be accomplished through the delivery of the following three results:

  1. Sustainable socio-economic infrastructure is provided according to the needs of the population (eligible sectors: water supply, schools, markets, social and sports infrastructure; agricultural, health and transport infrastructure, rural electrification, etc.);
  2. Capacity in rural communities / municipalities is built and good governance is established;
  3. In the Casamance: Economic potentials are promoted to develop a sustainable peace economy.

Against the background of these objectives and results, the consultant’s activities aim at supporting AGETIP with the implementation of programme activities related to the following five programme components:

  1. Decentralization and local development in Sine Saloum;
  2. Major infrastructure for the Casamance;
  3. Local development and good governance fund for the Casamance;
  4. Implementation and monitoring support for the programme;
  5. Operation and Maintenance (O+M) support for community infrastructure.

The Consultant is thus expected to contribute to the sector dialogue in local development and decentralization on a national level.

Type of services provided:

  • Review and update the manuals of procedures and develop a handbook for programme implementation;
  • Calculate general and performance-based financial allocations to local governments based on pre-established and transparent criteria. Allocations are used to finance the implementation of local government projects in the Sine Saloum and Casamance (see components 1 and 3);
  • Identify and select projects for a) the rehabilitation and upgrade of 200 km of laterite roads, and b) the rehabilitation and upgrade of irrigation schemes in 5 adjacent valleys. This includes support for the O+M of irrigations schemes upgraded and rehabilitated in the previous programme (ProCAS);
  • Develop standardized formats for ToR and calls for tenders, support the selection and contracting of service providers;
  • Follow-up on national co-financing from the local governments transferred through the public financial circuit towards AGETIP;
  • Support local governments with project identification, project planning, the formulation of project proposals and the supervision of service providers for a) feasibility studies, b) preliminary and detailed technical design, and c) construction and construction supervision;
  • Update standardized designs for specific infrastructure types and verify design specifications in feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed technical design as well as tendering documents;
  • Support, review and adjust pilot activities from the preceding project (PRODDEL) to support O+M in order to launch and mainstream respective activities in the current programme phase and contribute to a scaling-up to other regions and the national level;
  • Contribute to monitoring and evaluation, preparation of progress reports;
  • Support the financial management of a total investment budget of EUR 20,000,000; in particular the management of the disposition fund and the implementation of the Simplified Direct Disbursement Procedure (SDDP) from KfW for direct payments above the threshold of EUR 350,000.
BMZ through KfW
Contract value: 2,481,488 €