Land Management Modernisation Programme

Detailed description of project:

The Directorate General of Taxes and Domains (DGID) of the Ministry of Finance and Budget has decided to implement a computerised Land Management System (LMS) to increase transparency and security of land use, facilitate taxation and strengthen the economic development in Senegal. The dematerialisation of land registers is a prerequisite for the reform of the land sector, which is a priority for the state.

PROMOGEF supports this process by building infrastructure, supporting the de-concentration of services, and informing and sensitising the public and users of the administration. The objective of the programme is the establishment of efficient, transparent and accountable land management by the competent authorities (administrative authorities, local authorities and technical services).

The total cost of the programme is estimated at € 18,253,591, of which € 15 million will be financed by a grant from the German Development Cooperation through the Financial Cooperation.

The programme is divided into three components with the following main measures

  • Infrastructure: Rehabilitation and construction of the data centre and pilot centres; Equipment of the pilot centres; Upgrading of the central data centre with renewal of the equipment;
  • Digitisation: Follow-up of the LMS market and synergy with IGN-FI; Complementary equipment and infrastructure; Operationalisation of the LMS; Complaints Management Mechanism system;
  • Implementation and modernisation of land administration: Strengthening of the DGID's skills in land administration and implementation of a change management plan, accompanying measures.

Type of services provided:

  • Preparation of the documents for the selection of the consulting/construction firms in charge of the studies and supervision of the works of the component 1 infrastructures (Prequalification and Request for Proposals);
  • Support to the procurement procedure (Evaluation report and preparation of contracts);
  • Support to DGID for the follow-up, monitoring, verification and final acceptance of studies, works and procurement;
  • Integration of national, KfW and BMZ standards;
  • Analysis of the project implementation modalities and regulations;
  • Analysis of project implementation and regulatory texts, and development of appropriate procedures in draft form;
  • Consultation with the DGID on the mechanisms and operating mode of the project;
  • Development of the final version of the manual of procedures;
  • Contribution/preparation of annual monitoring evaluations and audits for KfW.


General Directorate of Taxes and Domains (DGID)
BMZ through KfW
12/2021 – 11/2025
Contract value:
2,047,823 €