Supply, Implementation, Testing and Commissioning of the Improved MEIS – Social Payments Platform

Detailed description of project:

The Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA) is using a web-based information system, the Monitoring and Evaluation Information System (MEIS), which covers and digitally supports a wide range of its business activities. One important area is the handling of payments to beneficiaries of the major social protection programmes in Rwanda, including Direct Support (DS), Public Works (cPW), Extended Public Works (ePW) and Nutrition Sensitive Direct Support (NSDS). For all components, the targeting process (of managing eligible households) and the monthly payroll generation are supported. For each programme and each stage (targeting, payroll generation and payroll order generation) digitally supported business processes are implemented with approval and communication features, and direct interfaces with external entities to transmit payment information are set up. After the inception phase aimed at updating the business requirements and the software implementation itself, the improvements have been tested in different testing cycles and, after a piloting phase, the system has been rolled out countrywide.

Type of services provided:

The services carried out in the project are as follows:

  1. Approval and Workflow Processes;
  2. Communication Engine;
  3. Payment System (connection to SACCOs and Mobile Network Providers (MTN and TIGO));
  4. Payment Workflows;
  5. Reporting;
  6. Failover and Cluster Environment (DB).
6/2019 - 12/2020
Contract value:
276,594 €