Global Connection web portal platform for Social development projects

Detailed description of project:

The objective of the consultancy is to design a web portal platform that will enhance a harmonised approach to mobilisation of resources in support of delivery of social protection services to the extremely poor and vulnerable households or individuals, so that their basic needs are met, their resilience built, and they are supported in the process of graduation from extreme poverty.

The web portal platform to mobilize resources for social protection is a very specific type of resource mobilization tool in support of the beneficiaries of the social protection programmes. It will open the space to mobilize resources where they would otherwise not be available (e.g. to meet specific households needs or implement specific projects).  As a resource mobilization tool, it will build on the best practices of the international organizations known for their resource mobilization results and will be developed into an easy to use portal, providing choice of options to interested donors (individuals and organizations) and supporting potential resource-mobilization campaigns.

This web portal platform will be designed to present and address personal /specific location needs of individuals and households and support collective projects. Its aim to provide sufficient information to potential donors, improve availability of data, strengthen coordination and prevent duplication in delivery of support to households, individuals and in different geographic locations.

Type of services provided:

  • Develop a Web portal platform that will be able to provide detailed information on households in Ubudehe 1 (extreme poor) and their needs;
  • Develop features and functionalities required to support end users of the platform;
  • Link the Portal with the current LODA official website.
8/2018 -03/2019
Contract value: 26,900 €