Decentralisation and Good Governance Programme (“ProDEC”)

Detailed description of project:

The Programme’s objective is to enhance the population’s participation in decision taking and development processes at the communal level as well as to improve the provision of public and administrative services via the municipalities. The Programme includes three components:

  • Support to the national decentralisation policy;
  • Strengthening the capacities of the local municipalities;
  • Promotion of good governance and citizen participation.

Administrative personnel and elected members of the municipalities as well as technical governmental services will be trained to provide qualified public services and efficient communal administration. Particular emphasis is placed on the participation of women, rural municipalities and civil society organisations.

Type of services provided:

  • Strengthening of capacities of the municipalities’ training centre (training of trainers, training structure, update of modules, monitoring & evaluation tools and monitoring of training quality);
  • Training of elected members and other staff of the municipalities (administration, local finance, communal management);
  • Support/coaching of mayors and communal staff in municipal services management;
  • Training of prefects, governors and technical governmental services in decentralisation and deconcentration matters;
  • Consultancy to civil society organisations in institutional, technical and organisational development;
  • Training of civil society organisations in communal development instruments (planning, public service provision, property management, budget monitoring, etc.);
  • Consultancy to civil society organisations in organisation of communal platforms, private sector development and acquisition of participatory tools and methods to become involved in communal policy planning and decision taking processes.
German International Cooperation
11/2012 - 12/2014
Contract value: 1,947,607 €