Transforming Hydrological and Meteorological Services Project (HYDRO-MET): Consultancy Service for the Design, Development and Implementation of a National Integrated Water Resource Management Information System (NIWRMIS)

Detailed description of project:

Mozambique is one of the most vulnerable countries worldwide affected by natural disasters; thus, hydro-meteorological monitoring and forecasting are a crucial element on the agenda of the national government. The overall objective of this Consultancy is to design and implement an operational National Integrated Water Resource Management Information System (NIWRMIS) and a website for the National Directorate for Water Resources Management (DNGRH), the National Institute for Meteorology (INAM), and five Regional Water Authorities (ARA). The NIWRMIS and the website would allow these entities to efficiently collect, store, manipulate, analyse and share meteorological and hydrological information, as well benefit from Decision Support Systems (DSS). The specific objectives of the Project include:

  • Diagnosis of existing Information Systems and Information Management Systems and Computer Systems at DNGRH, INAM, the ARAs as well as other relevant stakeholders;
  • Development and implementation of a NIWRMIS and a DSS;
  • The management of climate, hydro-meteorological, surface and groundwater data, and data on water users, as well as other relevant geospatial data;
  • Web mapping functionality and provision of internet-based access for the different stakeholders;
  • Design and implementation of a website for the DNGRH;
  • Digitisation, quality control, and migration of existing data to be included in the NIWRMIS;
  • Provision of training for staff of the DNGRH, INAM, and the ARAs as well as other secondary stakeholders on the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the NIWRMIS and DSS, and their use; and
  • Provision of 12-month system support and maintenance for the systems.

Type of services provided:

On broad terms, AHT’s role on the Project entails the provision of expertise related to hydrology and hydrogeology, water quality and water resources management and related modelling exercises where and as deemed necessary. AHT’s specific Project activities include:

  • Assessment of existing data and data management systems including the identification, collection, assessment and validation of water and climate-related data and information;
  • Identification of existing modelling outputs with a focus on MIKE11, GeoSFM, SPHY, and WEAP;
  • Support the conceptual design of the NIWRMIS from a hydro-met data-oriented perspective;
  • Support in stakeholder identification and assessment;
  • Conceptualisation, design and implementation of a training and capacity building programme on the use of the NIWRMIS and DSS;
  • Co-organise, conceptualise, develop and implement a one-week study trip (2.5 days at AHT HQ in Essen) during which AHT staff presented a variety of relevant technologies and know-how which have been implemented in a selection of completed and ongoing projects in more than five case studies. Those included but were not limited to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and river basin management, information systems for cross-boundary water management, measures for climate change adaptation, data sources and data processing using drones, satellite imagery and GIS, groundwater quality in coastal areas, hydrological modelling for flow forecasting, upscaling information systems among others; and 
  • Overall Project backstopping and reporting.
National Directorate for Water Resources Management (DNGRH)
World Bank
05/2018 – 04/2021
Contract value: 1,094,620 €