Fruit Tree Productivity Project

Detailed description of project:

The overall project is designed to stimulate growth in the agricultural sector through transformation from extensive cropping of low-value annuals (especially cereals) in climate change affected rainfed areas and from inefficient and insufficient use of water in small-scale irrigated areas to more productive market-oriented cultivation of high-value perennial tree crops such as olives, almonds, figs, and dates. It is expected to improve the livelihoods of approx. 136,000 farm households.

Olive tree and date palm cultivation has an important agronomic, climatic and water use potential. Fruit-tree production is also the starting point for a value chain that may integrate producers into wider commerce and create employment and income opportunities. The project focuses on improving the productivity of existing tree plantations in mountainous regions and oases. It promotes the transition from traditional agriculture, vulnerable to climatic factors, towards a competitive, sustain­able agriculture which is integrated into national and international markets. Performance improvement in small and medium irrigation schemes is based on improved water use by adapted tree crops and varieties which can also bring about higher and better yields. To this end, AHT is working in the fields of plant protection, training of water user associations, sustainable agricultural practices and develop­ment and set-up of a GIS.

Type of services provided:

Services for feasibility, design, environmental-social assessments and implementation support and supervision of the project in irrigated areas (small- and medium-sized perimeters & oases):

  • Training needs analysis and curricula development;
  • Design of training modules for WUAs managers;
  • Training of trainers;
  • Contribution to social assessments;
  • Implementation of participatory approaches;
  • Analysis of existing irrigation infrastructure (remote sensing, cartography, ground truthing) and set-up of a related GIS;
  • Analysis of crop management practices and elaboration of recommendations for sustainable and climate resilient agriculture;
  • Agricultural water management (situation analysis and elaboration of recommendations and related guidelines);
  • Analysis of current phytosanitary practices and elaboration of related recommendations;
  • Assessment of potential carbon credits through fruit tree planting;
  • Implementation of training measures.
Government of Morocco / Partnership Agency for Progress
Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
10/2008 – 09/2013
Contract value: 15,352,900 €