Training Measure for the “SIGMA” Database

Detailed description of project:

In 2009 AHT was contracted by the African Development Bank to assist the National Hydraulic Authority (Direction Nationale de l’Hydraulique or DNH) of the Ministry of Energy and Water in further developing the SIGMA database. SIGMA (Information System for Water Resources Management in Mali) had originally been developed and installed at the DNH in 1985. It was used to prepare a hydrological synthesis of the country’s ground water resources and the national master plan on the use of ground water resources (1991).

In addition to technical services, the team of experts trained staff from the DNH and the regional directorates in the application of the newly developed system. The team also provided assistance with the procurement of appropriate hardware and software.

The DNH opted for a client-server system: A centralised database is accessible through client applications running on different software layers. The installation of local networks, both at the offices of the DNH and at the regional director­ates, was therefore necessary to render the new SIGMA operational in a multi-user environment.

The updated system addresses the numerous constraints and loopholes that had been identified at the software and user levels. Two main types of innovations have been introduced in the update: (i) on a technical level with an innovative database concept, the development of a powerful application and the choice of an adequate exploitation environment, and (ii) on an organisational level with clear and formalised procedures, task descriptions for all users and data collection forms (water point data sheets). Consequently, data entry and process­ing as well as the graphical presentation of the information using GIS have been simplified.

Type of services provided:

Training for database and SIG management:

  • Installation and configuration of the database management system including connections, security and data retrieval systems;
  • Elaboration of SQL queries;
  • Elaboration of spatial queries and cartographic visualisation of results.

On-the-job training with available data:

  • Uniform identification of water points based on coordinates and other attributes;
  • Analysis of hydro-geological information;
  • Reconstruction of missing information from project documents;
  • Data collection, formatting and processing.

Installation of updating and exchange mechanisms;

Integration of the new formalised procedures in the DNH service structure;

Extension of the DNH local IT network including procurement of hardware and software.

Direction Nationale de l’Hydraulique
08/2010 – 03/2011
Contract value: 91,000 €