Support Programme for the Implementation of the Office du Niger Contract Plan (PAMOCP-ON) Technical Assistance to the ON Monitoring and Evaluation Department and IT Service (Lot 1)

Detailed description of project:

Given its economic potential, the Office du Niger (ON) represents a suitable framework to reduce poverty and strengthen food self-sufficiency in Mali (main objective). The PAMOCP-ON aims to support the implementation of the master plan for sustainable development of the ON irrigation scheme and thereby increase agricultural production. In this context, one of the specific objectives is to modernise the governance of the ON by providing institutional support to the Planning and Statistics Department, the Finance and Administration Department, the Land Use Planning Department and the Department for Water Management and Maintenance of the Hydraulic Network.

The current contract “Institutional Support to the ON” (Lot 1 of the Programme) includes technical assistance to the ON Monitoring and Evaluation Department as well as to the Service for Information Management, Documentation and Archiving (IT Service) of the ON Planning and Statistics Department.

Type of services provided:

  • Assess the status of computerisation of the ON and develop an IT master plan by identifying suitable IT projects and supporting their implementation;
  • Support the IT service in managing IT administration and human resources;
  • Introduce quality management in all activities and implement a mechanism for technology forecasting and information monitoring;
  • Collect all necessary data relevant to the water price mechanism and implement water fee simulation tools while maintaining the priority of the initial objectives of water management and hydraulic infrastructure maintenance;
  • Accompany each department and service in monitoring the commitments and indicators as well as in annual programming of activities for implementing the ON Contract Plan;
  • Develop and support the implementation of new tools for monitoring, analysis and decision support (see;
  • Technical and methodological support to the Monitoring and Evaluation Department for using these tools (analysis and evaluation the results);
  • Develop and implement computerized monitoring of environmental data;
  • Support the Monitoring and Evaluation Department in implementing trainings and knowledge management;
  • Support development and maintenance of a register for monitoring all activities and publish the register each month.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Support unit  CONFED
02/2012 – 10/2015
Contract value: 1,022,840 €