Smallholder irrigation – Strengthening of irrigated agriculture Smallholder irrigation in the Inner Delta (IPRO-REAGIR Component Inner Delta)

Detailed description of project:

The Project provided support to the National Program for Smallholder Irrigation (PNIP) and included the development of the irrigable agricultural potential in the Inner Delta in Mali. It was the successor of the Mali-Nord Program, which has played an important role in the restoration and maintenance of peace in the region since 1990. The objective of the project was to increase agricultural production and to ensure better access to markets to help improve food security and job creation in Mali.

Due to the fragile security situation in the intervention area (Timbuktu and Mopti regions), a remote management and monitoring system was set up: the project was managed by the Bamako-based coordination unit, with four antennas in the area of intervention, managed by local staff. To monitor the progress of the activities, a remote sensing system based on satellite imagery was developed.

During the project, the following activities and products are planned:

  • Development of 98 irrigated schemes (PIV) with a total area of 4,050 ha;
  • Consolidation of 72 PIVs on 3,015 ha;
  • Development of 40 ponds on 16,000 ha;
  • Consolidation of 8 pond on 1,460 ha;
  • Construction of 3 storage warehouses with a capacity of 500 tons per unit;
  • Mobilization and support to the population, including farmers' organizations, in all the phases of implementation and for the exploitation of these infrastructures;
  • Support measures for agricultural mechanization (delivery of motorpumps and inputs and operating funds for the first season of plowing);
  • Training of pompists by the Agricultural Mechanical Garage in Diré (GMA);
  • Development of thematic maps containing impact data with the help of the satellite system.

The project applied co-management approach of all measures and activities. The project was led jointly by a National Coordinator and an International Coordinator based in Bamako for security reasons. In the field, the project worked with four antennas (Bara Issa, Diré, Timbuktu, Téméout) and two representations (Attara and Rharous sectors).

Type of services provided:

  • Development and expansion of schemes / ponds for small farmers: Technical support for the selection and planning of PIVs and ponds; Elaboration of environmental and social impact assessments of investments; Procurement, supervision and acceptance of works;
  • Acquisition of motorpumps and inputs for the first season, first equipment in operating funds for the first season, including bidding;
  • Support and training in repair and maintenance services of the motorpumps;
  • Organization of the contribution of the beneficiaries (High-labour intensive execution of earthworks, contribution to the purchase, transport and installation of motorpumps, purchase of agricultural equipment);
  • Technical supervision in the field, including agronomic monitoring, mobilization of farmers to set up inputs (diesel oil, fertilizers), training on good practices in irrigated agriculture, and support to the training of management committees;
  • Management of disposal funds;
  • Support for the operation of the Mechanization Trust Fund;
  • Development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) as a long-term monitoring system;
  • Transfer of remote sensing knowledge to national staff;
  • Support for the design / coordination of German technical and financial cooperation interventions.
Ministry of Agriculture
BMZ / Affaires mondiales Canada (Canadian cooperation), through KfW
01/2015 – 03/2017
Contract value: 1,971,190 €