Smallholder Irrigation in the Inland Delta

Detailed description of project:

Continued and extended support of the smallholder irrigation programme in Mali North. Embedded in the National Programme for Smallholder Irrigation, the project plays an important role in the political stabilisation and peace-keeping process in the area since 1990.

So far, the programme has implemented about 450 smallholder irrigation schemes and 120 temporary ponds on 8,800 ha. The respective paddy production in 2010 has been estimated at 100,000 tonnes. Starting from 2011, the Canadian cooperation (ACDI) has been contributing a significant amount to the Smallholder Irrigation Support Project (PAIP). Respective funds are being managed by IPRODI, among others. The overall objective of the PAIP is improved food security, by means of more intensive and sustainable exploitation of the country’s agricultural and economic potential in smallholder irrigation, Production and commercialisation of products from smallholder irrigation are also improved.

Type of services provided:

  • Technical support for the selection and planning of village irrigation perimeters and temporary ponds;
  • Supervision and reception of works;
  • Support of the motor pumps maintenance and repair service;
  • Procurement of equipment and services (tendering, contract award etc.);
  • Management of the disposition fund (approx. 6 million € contributed by the German financial cooperation and 11.5 million € by the Canadian cooperation);
  • Organisation of the World Food Programme’s contribution “food for work” for the construction of village irrigation perimeters: negotiation of financing arrangements, works schedules, transport, storage and food distribution;
  • Organisation of the beneficiaries’ contribution for the labour-intensive earthworks (procurement, transport and installation of motor pumps, procurement of agricultural equipment);
  • Assistance in the planning and coordination of interventions by the German technical and financial cooperation.
Ministère de l’Agriculture
BMZ through KfW
01/2010 – 12/2014
Contract value: 3,509,066 €