Small-scale irrigation – Initiative to Reinforce Resilience through Irrigation and the Appropriate Management of Resources (IRRIGAR)

Detailed description of project:

The project provides support to the “National Small-scale Irrigation Programme” (PNIP) and includes the development and valorisation of the irrigable agricultural potential in the Sikasso and Koulikoro regions, with an antenna office in Bougouni. The overall objective of the project is to improve food security and nutritional status of the population by increasing and diversifying agricultural production and improving market accessibility for products from small-scale irrigation.

During the project period, the implementation of following activities and products is planned:

  • Construction of 43 irrigation schemes (AHA) for a total area of about 2,150 ha;
  • Consolidation / rehabilitation of 14 AHA for an area of ca. 700 ha;
  • Construction of 100 km of rural roads;
  • Construction of 9 new warehouses;
  • Implementation of environmental protection measures on ca. 300 ha (reforestation and other erosion control devices, gabions, techniques for conservation of water and soil);
  • Pilot measures for fish farming in 37 small reservoirs;
  • Mobilization and support for the population, including farmers' organizations in all the phases and for the construction and operation of these infrastructures.

The project follows a co-management approach of all measures and activities. The Implementation Units are managed by a national coordinator and an international coordinator.

Under the project, the Permanent Technical Secretariat (STP) of PNIP is supported by a Technical Advisor for the administrative and financial management of IPRO projects and harmonization of procedures.

Type of services provided:

Technical support for the implementation of irrigation schemes:

  • Mobilisation and organisation of the population;
  • Participative planning of investment measures;
  • Selection of engineering firms for the detailed design, preparation of tender documents and execution of works;
  • Contract award, construction supervision and reception of works;
  • Organisation of beneficiaries’ contribution for the construction of village irrigation perimeters: negotiation of financing arrangements, work schedules, transport, storage and food distribution;
  • Management of the disposition fund.


Technical assistance for accompanying measures:

  • Assistance in the supervision of farmers in the relevant fields (agronomy, crop management, conservation, value chains, processing, nutrition);
  • Support for the structuring, capacity building and operation of farmers' organizations (cooperatives and dam management committees);
  • Training of the responsible village leadership for dam construction;
  • Development of rules / operating agreements for newly developed land;
  • Implementation of pilot methods for fish farming in small dams;
  • Specific studies (e.g. the characteristics needed for warehouses).


Technical support to the PTS of the PNIP:

  • Harmonisation of procedures between the IPRO projects;
  • Financial management of the IPRO projects and the financing of PNIP;
  • Reporting on the advancement of the IPRO projects and the PNIP, including updating the M&E system for PNIP and the development of a sectoral budgetary data base;
  • Communication and capitalising the experiences made;
  • Secretariat of the National Committee for Orientation and Monitoring;
  • Communication with the consultant(s); etc.

Ministry of Agriculture, National Directorate for Rural Development

BMZ / European Union / USAID, through the KfW
04/2014 – 03/2017
Contract value: 5,858,030 €