Small-scale Irrigation in the regions of Gao and Ménaka

Detailed description of project:

The Project supports the National Programme for Small-scale Irrigation (PNIP). It aims to contribute to the exploitation of the economic potential of small-scale irrigation for sustainable and profitable agriculture and enhanced food security and thus to stability in northern Mali. The project focuses on rural investment measures. The project is designed as an open programme, Investment are identified by popular demand and selected based on well-defined technical, social, financial and institutional criteria. Investment measures include in particular hydro-agricultural schemes (HAS) as well as the construction of complementary infrastructures for agriculture, fish farming and livestock.

The following activities are implemented through the project:

  • Construction of hydro-agricultural schemes (HAS), for example, village level irrigated perimeters, ponds, including rainwater ponds and impluvium, and small market gardening perimeters;
  • Consolidation and / or rehabilitation of HAS;
  • Fish processing structures;
  • Warehouses;
  • Specific infrastructure for the livestock sector such as vaccination parks; livestock markets; slaughter areas;

In addition, the project provides technical support to the population for the valorisation of the infrastructures. This includes:

  • Provision of agricultural equipment and inputs (motor pumps, seeds, equipment to support fish and agricultural production, etc.);
  • Mobilisation of and support to the population, including farmer’s organisations, livestock herders during all project phases to support the management, operation, maintenance and valorisation of infrastructures.

Type of services provided:

Technical support for the installation of infrastructures:

  • Participatory planning of the investment measures;
  • Selection of consulting firms for the development of all necessary studies and documentation and management of the tender process for studies and works, including environmental and social impact studies;
  • Selection of contractors for the implementation of works;
  • Attribution of contracts and control and reception of works;
  • Organisation of the contribution of the beneficiaries (financial and technical contribution in the form of non-qualified labour);
  • Management of the disposition funds;
  • Mobilisation and organisation of the population.

Technical assistance for the valorisation of infrastructure:

  • Assistance in training farmers and livestock herders in the relevant fields (e.g. agronomy, technical itineraries, conservation, value chains, transformation; etc.);
  • Support to the structure, functioning and capacity development of farmer organizations (cooperatives and infrastructure management committees);
  • Development of rules / conventions for the use of infrastructures and new developed land;
  • Implementation of environmental protection measures;
  • Organization of exchange visits between farmers;
  • Monitoring and project management through remote sensing technology and GIS;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of project results;
  • Dissemination of project results.
Direction Nationale du Génie Rural (DNGR), Ministère de l’Agriculture
BMZ through KfW
11/2018 – 12/2022
Contract value: 4,467,309 €