Small-scale Irrigation in the region of Sikasso (IPROSI), in the Dogon country and in the region of Bélédougou (IPRODB)

Detailed description of project:

In the context of the national small-scale irrigation programme (PNIP) AHT implemented three irrigation projects in the Dogon country and the Koulikoro region (IPRODB) as well as in the Sikasso region (IPROSI).

In the Dogon country (Bandiagara) and in the Koulikoro region (Bélédougou) activities included the construction of 12 new and rehabilitation of four existing small dams for irrigation of 180 ha, the construction of 35 km of rural roads, anti-erosion measures and support to the local population in maintenance and sustainable management of the infrastructure.

In the Sikasso region, activities included the establishment of 355 ha of irrigation infrastructure, construction of warehouses, agro-sylvo-pastoral planning, environmental studies as well as accompanying measures to support the local population in the sustainable management of irrigation and other infrastructure.

Type of services provided:

Technical support for the implementation of irrigation schemes:

  • Mobilisation and organisation of the beneficiaries;
  • Planning of investment measures;
  • Selection of engineering firms for the detailed design, preparation of tender documents and execution of works;
  • Contract award, construction supervision and reception of works;
  • Organisation of beneficiaries’ contribution for the construction of village irrigation perimeters: negotiation of financing arrangements, work schedules, transport, storage and food distribution;
  • Management of the disposition fund.


Technical assistance for accompanying measures:

  • Training of farmers in agricultural practices, water-saving measures, operation and maintenance, crop diversification, food processing, commercialisation, value chain, etc.;
  • Improvement of the farmers’ access to credits via micro-finance institutions;
  • Mobilisation of all parties involved in the agricultural value chain (farmers, markets, retailers, wholesalers etc.).
Ministère de l’Agriculture, Direction Nationale du Génie Rural (DNGR)
BMZ through KfW
12/2011 – 12/2014
Contract value: 4,173,300 €