Recruitment of a provider for the technical examination of the DRGR of Ségou’s studies on the development of 200 ha of lowlands as part of the MLI/021 programme

Detailed description of project:

The services aim at examining and updating the studies carried out by the DRGR of Ségou of six lowlands covering an area close to 359 ha. The implementation of the services must make it possible to rank the sites in terms of their agricultural development potential, the local institutional capacities and the profitability of the installations in order to select five lowlands covering a minimum area of 200 ha.

Type of services provided:

The services are divided into four main steps:

  • Step 1: Document review;
  • Step 2: Analysis and study of the lowland areas;
  • Step 3: Sharing results with beneficiaries, the contracting authority and programme partners as well as the ranking of the sites;
  • Step 4: Reporting and, if necessary, preparation of tendering documents for further technical studies or works.
Contract value: 47,106 €