Recruitment of a provider for the technical evaluation and the improvement of 400 ha of lowland, which were previously developed in the framework of the MLI/018 LuxDev programme

Detailed description of project:

The services cover the technical evaluation of 11 lowland areas with an estimated area of more than 500 ha. The implementation of the services must lead to the ranking of sites in accordance with their agricultural development potential, their local institutional capacities and the profitability existing agricultural developments in order to retain a limited number of lowland areas to be developed on an area close to 400 ha.

Type of services provided:

Evaluations in four main steps, described as follows:

  • Step 1: Document review;
  • Step 2: Technical evaluation of lowland areas based on a participatory and multidisciplinary approach (macro-socio-economic, institutional, organizational, hydro-agricultural, agricultural development, agricultural exploitation, and environmental assessment);
  • Step 3: Sharing of results with beneficiaries, the contracting authority and programme partners, and ranking of the sites;
  • Step 4: Reporting and, if necessary, preparation of tender documents in order to carry out additional technical studies or works.
Lux Dev
Contract value: 57,366 €