Recruitment of a provider for carrying out diagnostic studies for small irrigated schemes of the Indicative Cooperation Programme II and elaborating tender documents for the rehabilitation of small irrigated schemes in the intervention areas of the projec

Detailed description of project:

The overall objective of the sectoral programme MLI / 021 is to diversify and sustainably increase agricultural incomes and improve household food security in rural areas. More specifically, this programme aims to develop and intensify the productivity, sustainability and profitability of three agricultural sectors: rice, fonio and sesame. The MLI / 021 programme will develop 75 new small irrigated schemes and improve 40 sites developed in the framework of MLI / 018 and MLI / 020 as part of the larger Indicative Cooperation Programme II (PIC II).

Type of services provided:

The diagnostic studies follow four steps:

  • Step 1: Document and literature review;
  • Step 2: Participatory field diagnosis;
  • Step 3: Sharing of results with beneficiaries, the contracting authority and programme partners;
  • Step 4: Reporting and, if necessary, preparation of tendering documents in order to carry out additional technical studies or works
Lux- Development S.A
Contract value: 44,210 €