Preliminary studies of the Tiékélinso expansion zone (1,200 ha) situated in the plain San-Ouest, detailed design and construction supervision for hydro agricultural construction works for a section of 400 ha

Detailed description of project:

The project is part of the MLI / 021 sectoral program, whose objective is to diversify and sustainably strengthen agricultural income sources and household food security in rural areas. This program aims more specifically to develop and intensify the productivity, sustainability and profitability of three agricultural sectors, namely the rice, fonio and sesame sectors. In this perspective, four distinct results are

  • Emerging fields of sesame and fonio are developed;
  • The food security of rural households is improved, particularly through the development of the rice sector;
  • Areas of intervention and agricultural value chains are better adapted to climate change;
  • The investment and work environment of the entrepreneurial fabric is improved.

This program also strives to support and strengthen local actors and state services, both at the national level and at the local level (Region, Circles and Communes).

Type of services provided:

  • Carry out the 1,200-hectare preliminary study representing the Tiékelenso North extension situated west of the existing irrigation zone;
  • Realization of the detailed design study for 400 ha of the North Tiékelenso area;
  • Elaboration of the bidding documents for the 400 ha infrastructure works;
  • Realization of the environmental and social impact assessment carried out in parallel with the preliminary and detailed design studies;
  • Construction supervision for the infrastructure works of the 400 ha tranche.
Lux Development
Lux Development
Contract value:
760,482 €