Mobilization of a facilitator-moderator in the framework of a workshop to exchange and capitalise experiences “On the road to 2030 – What role for agriculture and rural development?”

Detailed description of project:

In the Sahel region, particularly in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, LuxDev has been implementing various projects and programmes in the vast sector of agriculture, forestry and rural development for a decade. In each of the three countries, LuxDev acquired a broad experience having followed different and evolving paths and approaches. The similarities and differences also as regards methodologies learned deserve to be identified with a view to capitalisation, documentation of expertise/experience acquired and to strengthen/create inter-country collaboration and exchanges.

Thus, it was deemed useful to encourage an exchange between the different projects/programmes in order to feed the debate on the strategic positioning of LuxDev in this area and in the Sahel region, to contribute key elements to the identification of the future programme in Mali (as well as in the other countries of the region) with a strong agricultural component, and to promote an exchange and dialogue between the different teams.

The experience exchange and dialogue workshop, held in Bamako in January 2020, aimed at enabling the technical teams to exchange and identify valuable lessons learned and promising practices in their own programmes and countries, as well as to establish, ideally, the basis for future collaboration and exchanges. The overall objective of the workshop was to inform future country strategies and the approach (strategy) LuxDev should advocate for the development of sustainable, inclusive and resilient agriculture.

A roadmap emerged from the workshop defining the next steps and approaches to be taken to achieve a coherent approach for sustainable and resilient agriculture in the Sahel.

The objective of the services provided was to accompany LuxDev in the organization of the workshop and more specifically to actively participate in the preparation of the workshop, to facilitate/facilitate it, as well as to finalize the planned deliverables.

Type of services provided:

Workshop preparation:

  • Support to the framing of the exercise, particularly in terms of the choice and fine-tuning of questions for the various themes addressed;
  • Support to the preparation of presentations, tools and debate: establishment of a presentation format, definition of guidelines and facilitation methods;
  • Support to the revision of presentations and notes;
  • Preparation of the questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired and the satisfaction of the participants (before and after the workshop);
  • Assembling any other document, video or material of interest to constitute a directory.


Workshop moderation and facilitation:

  • Technical introduction to the discussions, in support of and in consultation with the pilots of the exercise;
  • Animation and facilitation of the debates, with the support of the pilots and champions for each theme;
  • Participation in note-taking;
  • Continuation of the assembly of any other document, video or material of interest (directory);
  • Facilitation of summary sessions, summarizing the main conclusions and lessons learned as well as avenues for reflection and possible complementary exchanges.



  • Drafting of a workshop report (minutes) including a roadmap with the next steps and approaches to be taken for a coherent approach to sustainable and resilient agriculture in the Sahel;
  • Drafting of a summary note for wider dissemination of lessons learned;
  • Construction of a directory with key documents and products.
01/2020 - 05/2020
Contract value: 16,300 €