Management Support to the National Investment Agency for Municipalities (ANICT)

Detailed description of project:

The Support Programme to Local Authorities “PACT” (Programme d’Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales) assists communities in optimising their administrative and social service performance. PACT assumes a major role in the country’s decentralisation process. Local investments for priority measures in communal and inter-communal development are directed via a national fund called “FNACT” (Fonds National d’Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales), financed by the Malian Government and its financial partner institutions.

Technical assistance to ANICT shall achieve the following three objectives:

  • Adaptation of applied fund procedures to stakeholders’ needs (financial and technical partner institutions, treasury) and strengthening of ANICT’s capacities to ensure correct and efficient fund management;
  • Application of transparent and efficient monitoring & evaluation procedures to ensure sustainability of public investments;
  • Strengthening of ANICT’s strategic planning and enforcement capacities for local development.

Type of services provided:

  • Management support to ANICT in municipal reform, decentralisation and strategic planning;
  • Improvement of the planning and management information systems;
  • Institutional strengthening, HROD and training of staff of ANICT and its local branches;
  • Strengthening of ANICT’s capacities in financial management of the five FNACT counters, including tax collection, accounting and fund management;
  • Support of ANICT during the evaluation process of financing applications and during tendering;
  • Verification of disposition fund disbursements submitted to KfW and counter signature of requests for restocking of the fund;
  • Support to local authorities and their local partner institutions in the above activities in the Ségou pilot area, in cooperation with other PACT partners;
  • Improvement of the monitoring & evaluation system, especially regarding progress and impact of infrastructure projects;
  • Assistance for financial audits.
BMZ through KfW
03/2009 – 04/2012
Contract value: 1,143,300 €