Irrigation Development Programme in the Bani Basin and in Selingue (IDP-BS) Technical assistance for the management of the water of the Maninkoura perimeter

Detailed description of project:

The sectoral objective of IDP-BS is to contribute to increased food security and poverty reduction. Its specific objective is to increase agro-sylvo-pastoral and fish farming production on a sustainable basis.
In the Maninkoura area, implementation of the IDP-BS focuses mainly on securing the water supply of the perimeter in a sustainable manner by achieving a threshold on the Sankarani river and facilitating the exploitation of an irrigable potential of 5,000 ha located downstream of the Sélingué hydroelectric dam. Further key components include the consolidation of the perimeter (water management) and rural roads, support for agricultural production and strengthening the capacities of producers, particularly women and young people.

The specific objective of the mission is to identify the problems and constraints of irrigation and drainage, to set up irrigation management tools and to train the technical agents involved in water management so that they are proficient in the use of certain tools.

Type of services provided:

The services provided by the Consultant include (a) installation and calibration of measuring equipment, (b) training of technical agents and operators, (c) organization of technical working sessions, (d) the planning and monitoring of irrigation and drainage, (e) planning and monitoring of maintenance work on the tertiary network, (f) planning and monitoring of maintenance work on the secondary network, (g) creation of databases and (h) the design of an operational manual.
The training of technical agents and operators focused on the basic principles of agricultural hydraulics, the operation of structures, flow measurements, control of irrigation, organization of the water tower and maintenance of infrastructures.
The objective of the irrigation planning and monitoring was to reduce irrigation water consumption to ensure a functional and efficient irrigation system.

AGETIER (Ministry of Rural Development)
African Development Fund (ADF)
03/2016- 05/2018
Contract value:
245,037 €