Extension of the N’Débougou Irrigated Area (Stage 3)

Detailed description of project:

The project comprises the construction and implementation of a new irrigation system (Stage 3) in the N’Débougou area managed by the Office du Niger. Based on the inventory and preliminary design carried out by AHT in 2003/2004, this component continues with the detailed design, the selection of the contractor and construction supervision of the hydraulic infrastructure (7 km of main canal, 23 km of secondary system, 120 km of tertiary system, installation of water intakes and regulation structures) including access roads, wells, houses, schools and health centre on 2,003 ha. The beneficiaries carry out the works on the tertiary and quaternary system. In addition, water users are trained in proper operation and maintenance of the system and in adapted irrigation and water saving techniques.

Type of services provided:

Feasibility study and construction supervision (completed in 07/2011):

  • Topographical survey, collection and processing of data, and establishment of contour maps;
  • Preparation of detailed designs and tender documents;
  • Assistance to local authorities during the selection process of a suitable contractor;
  • As Engineer responsible for construction supervision of the works (according to FIDIC);
  • Interim and final approval of construction works.


Technical assistance for accompanying measures:

  • Training and support of 1,100 water users during construction of the quaternary irrigation system;
  • Agricultural extension services and installation of new farmers;
  • Mobilisation and training of farmer organisations in operation and maintenance of the tertiary network;
  • Introduction of adapted irrigation and water saving techniques;
  • Setting up of operation and maintenance on government as well as farmer’s level.
Office du Niger
BMZ through KfW
10/2006 – 06/2012
Contract value: 2,971,827 €