Enhancement of the Agricultural Potential of N’Débougou

Detailed description of project:

The overall objectives were to ensure food security, improve the living conditions and increase the revenues of the population living in the project area. Removal of the drainage problems should also contribute to securing agricultural production.

The investment measures covered the rehabilitation of the open Kala Inférieur Est (KIE) drain including construction of a 45 km access road along the drain, development of the area downstream from the Marigot Dina and of the non-official irrigation plots of N’Dilla (900 ha).

Type of services provided:

Detailed design and construction supervision:

  • Preparation of the detailed design for the irrigation and drainage network on the basis of the feasibility study: Socio-economic activities: Information and sensitisation campaigns, village surveys and agreements; Topographic works, geotechnical and pedological surveys; Hydraulic calculations; Technical specifications, work preparations, schedules and cost estimates.
  • Preparation of the tender documents for construction works;
  • Assistance to the local authorities during the selection process of a suitable contractor;
  • Technical and financial responsibility including final reception of all construction works (contractors and on-farm) including support to construction of 101 dwellings and social infrastructure, i.e. ten improved wells, six classroom school with offices and latrines).

Technical assistance for accompanying measures:

  • Training of Office du Niger staff in computerised management of the irrigation network;
  • Technical and organisational advice to the Office du Niger on water saving techniques;
  • Technical assistance to farmers in operation and maintenance of the irrigation infrastructure.
Office du Niger
BMZ through KfW
11/2009 – 08/2014
Contract value: 1,818,581 €