Development and Implementation of the National Water Information System SINEAU

Detailed description of project:

Developing the National Water Information System SINEAU is an important step in implementing the National Action Plan for Integrated Water Resources Management (PAGIRE). An information system for water resources management had already been developed for the National Water Board (DNH) in a previous project. The system contains layers of information for the whole country and certain applications that had been developed for two pilot regions, Kayes and Timbuktu. It is called “SI GIRE”, Information System for Integrated Water Resources Management, and has been used as the basis for developing the National Water Information System SINEAU. The project SINEAU has extended the system both vertically (add information layers) and horizontally (cover all regions of Mali).

Type of services provided:

Review the operation of SI GIRE

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • Formulate recommendations;
  • Elaborate a development plan for SINEAU.


Support the vertical extension (add information layers)

  • Collect relevant data (on irrigated agriculture, sanitation, flood forecasting, flood modelling, etc.);
  • Regular update of data from the local, regional and national level;
  • Generate information for decision-making in the field of IWRM.


Support the horizontal extension (cover all regions of Mali)

  • Support the provision of reliable data by regional stakeholders;
  • Support regional stakeholders in using the system;
  • Provide the relevant DNH departments with all data and information essential for the system.


Other necessary steps to implement SINEAU

  • Adapt the database and the user interface to the extensions;
  • Train SINEAU administrators (train the trainers);
  • Adapt user manual and system documentation.
Ministry for Energy and Water
African Development Bank
03/2012 – 09/2014
Contract value: 92,393 €