Construction Supervision of Floodplains Improvement

Detailed description of project:

Within the framework of the Food Security Programme, which is part of the Indicative Cooperation Programme 2007 – 2011 between the Government of Mali and the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg, one principal activity is the development of flood plains and small vegetable perimeters.

The project includes the supervision and control of works of six flood plains in Baraouéli, Bla, San, Tominian (Ségou area) and Yorosso (Sikasso area). AHT’s task in the project is to ensure administrative and technical supervision of the construction works and specifically to:

  • obtain and monitor necessary bank guarantees;
  • establish directives and instructions for the contractors;
  • notify technical errors and omissions including rectification.

Type of services provided:

Works control and supervision:

  • General organisation of the construction site (take-over from the temporary consultant, set-up of an information and decision circuit between the various actors, quantity and quality control);
  • Control and monitoring of works progress (topographic works, quality control, time schedule);
  • General works administration (control, approval and notification of drawings and technical documents; organisation and conduct of site meetings; control of accounts, invoices and payments; remedy of defects; interim and final approval of construction works; monthly progress report, works completion report).
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
01/2011 – 04/2013
Contract value: 67,750 €