Technical Management Unit of the ACORDS Programme

Detailed description of project:

The implementation of the ACORDS Programme (“Appui aux Communes et Organisations Rurales pour le Développement du Sud”) provides the basis for integrated regional development, strengthening of local capacities and resources, and improved access to water supply and social services (health and education). These objectives will be achieved through three major components: i) elaboration of investment plans for communal infrastructure (water supply, roads, irrigation, etc.), ii) training and coaching of the various communal beneficiaries and iii) implementation of inter-communal investments.

The Technical Management Unit provides technical assistance for the evaluation and implementation of services and community infrastructure projects for:

  • Village development planning;
  • Rehabilitation of rural access roads, bridges and ferries;
  • Irrigation schemes;
  • Construction of warehouses, regional and local markets, cooling chambers;
  • Drinking water supply;
  • Health centres and schools;
  • Eco-tourism facilities;
  • Cadastral offices and rural police stations.

Type of services provided:

AHT is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Policy advice to the Ministry of Economics, Finance and Budget in selecting and funding integrated rural development projects;
  • Technical and economic analyses of 206 inter-communal project proposals for rural development (irrigation schemes, drinking water supply, agricultural roads, rural markets and storage facilities, rural infrastructure: rural roads, bridges, ferries, health centres and schools, police posts; eco-tourism facilities);
  • Subcontracting and assessment of 16 pre-feasibility, 62 feasibility studies, and 51 detailed design studies;
  • Preparation of tender documents for supply, works and services contracts to implement inter-communal rural development projects; supervision of construction;
  • Contract and fund management of EUR 27.6 million (following EU/EDF guidelines);
  • Policy advice, capacity building and strengthening of regional and communal decision makers.
National Authorising Officer EDF, Ministry of Decentralisation
08/2005 – 05/2012
Contract value: 2,700,000 €