Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Phase II (MNP PCD II)

Detailed description of project:

The MNP PCD II project Sustainable Coastal Fisheries – Phase II (Fr.-orig.: “Pêche Côtière Durable II”) is implemented by Madagascar National Parks (MNP) under a BMZ-KfW grant (BMZ: 2017 68 837; EUR 7,200,000). Like its predecessor PCD I (AHT TA, 2018-2022), PCD II is thematically and administratively connected to the ongoing MNP FI-IV project (AHT TA) and implements 5 regional sub-projects through an internal grant mechanism (EUR 4,860,000) in partnership with national and international NGOs.

The overall objective (outcome) of PCD II is the sustainable management of natural resources in coastal areas with particular focus on mangrove ecosystems and their ecosystem services to local coastal communities and population. The specific objectives of PCD II are 1. for local communities to effectively contribute to, and to participate in sustainable EbA (Ecosystem-based Approaches) to coastal NRM, 2. thereby improving their socio-economic livelihoods. The criteria to be fulfilled in order for these objectives to be achieved, the intermediate results of the Project and the measures which condition them as well as the assumptions on which the objectives and intermediate results are:

  • Installation of new, and consolidating the sustainable management of existing Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMA, including a.o. MPAs as use zones) under stewardship contracts (Fr. “TGRN, TGRH”) in Madagascar;
  • NRM, conservation and protection control and surveillance systems;
  • Active restoration of mangroves;
  • Development and use of an effective Monitoring and Evaluation System (MNP-MES) including ecological monitoring, ecosystem health of biodiversity monitoring;
  • Development and consolidation of local and regional alternative and additional livelihoods (AIGA), as well as of value chains of marine and coastal products, and the inclusive and equitable attainment therein by the local target groups;
  • Harmonization of national EbA and NRM governance (strategies, legal and organisational frameworks.

Type of services provided:

The AHT consortium provides Technical Assistance to the main project client MNP as well as to the NGO partners contracted (CfP) my MNP for the implementation of the PCD II Sub-projects (grants): Provide a comprehensive suite of specific, targeted technical assistance and advice to MNP and NGO partners, Oversee 5 sub-projects (EUR 4.9 Mio.) implemented by 4 NGOs under PCD II grant (sub-) contracts; Local, regional and National Legal and Organisational Frameworks (Good Governance), effective delineation of LMMAs; LMMA management plans (transparency); Coastal and marine Biodiversity conservation, ecosystems and habitats restoration, Promotion of Ecosystem-based Approaches (EbA), Focus on mangrove ecosystem services; AIGA and value-chain development and consolidation; Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESMS) under OECD, WB and KfW standards and respective ecological and social monitoring (ref. CGES, CEPC; PGES, PEPC, IPC [Informed Prior Consent]; Assist with co-management strategies to facilitate integrated local management and the effective transition to technically and financially sustainable (operational) LMMAs; Assist the establishing of formalised local LMMA organisational structures for effective co-management; Assistance to horizontal and vertical Information and Knowledge Management (management networks) and professional exchanges within target-groups’ local, regional and national networks (e.g. MIHARI network of LMMA managers); Adaptive re-zoning (categories, users, access rights) of LMMAs to effectively integrate local communities and structures; Direct organisational, administrative and managerial TA to MNP as responsible manager of the local LMMA sub-projects; Establishing and assisting with an effective LMMA monitoring and evaluation system (MNP-MES); Technical capacity building of MNP staff, NGOs, and communities; Capacity building of all actors in sustainable financial management of LMMAs; Specific TA/ CB to MNP and the four NGOs regarding their "exit strategies"; A demand-driven, extensive and adaptive suite of specific types of scientific and technical assistance to MNP, the NGOs and local LMMA managers.

Assistance to the conceptualising, establishing and effective operations of a new MNP Marine and Coastal Programme Management Unit (possibly long-term Division); Assistance to the conceptualising, development, and realisation of a long-term MNP Coastal and Marine Programme and Projects-Portfolio with national and international donor organisations and international programmes (e.g. KfW-BAF, GCF, UNDP, UNEP, EC); Respective capacity building with MNP in programme and project management under international PM-standards; Assistance and capacity building in adherence to KfW and IO Environmental and Social Project Standards (OECD, WB, KfW, EU a.o.); Assistance to managing national and international tender processes.

Madagascar National Parks (MNP)
BMZ through KfW
04/2021 - 03/2025
Contract value:
900,000 €