Program for inclusive communal development and decentralization (PDCID) in the Boeny and DIANA regions in Madagascar

Detailed description of project:

The Program for inclusive communal development and decentralization (PDCID) is implemented in the regions of Boeny and DIANA in Madagascar. The client is the Local Development Fund (Fonds de développement local), a public institution under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Interior and Decentralization and the financial supervision of the Ministry of Finance and Budget.

The overall objective is to improve the living conditions of the population through the provision of basic infrastructure and services to support local socio-economic development. The project aims at improving access to basic infrastructure and services for the population and at strengthening communities with regard to local governance in the regions of Boeny and Diana. Direct beneficiaries are municipalities and intercommunal structures in the regions.

The project has three principal components:

  1. The construction and / or rehabilitation of priority municipal and intermunicipal infrastructures (ca. 200 km of rural roads and ca. 58 schools) in 45 rural municipalities, through direct project ownership and management for 18 beneficiaries (maitrise d’ouvrage communale) and through delegated project management to the client for 25 communes (maitrise d’ouvrage déléguée);
  2. Capacity building of community leaders, intercommunalities and user groups in the fields of community management of infrastructure, income generation, public finance, management and maintenance of infrastructure, etc.;
  3. Strengthening operational capacity of the client (FDL) in the management and implementation of the project and support in decentralization for municipalities and intercommunal structures.

Type of services provided:

  1. Overall management of the project in close collaboration with the FDL;
  2. Prime contractor for the Client:
  • Establishment of preliminary studies, detailed design studies and tender documents and establishment of an environmental and social impact study;
  • Monitoring and implementing the tendering process, from prequalification of companies to drafting of contracts;
  • Supervision of works and delivery;
  • Provisional acceptance, supervision of the warranty period and final acceptance of the works;
  1. Technical support to municipalities for municipal and intercommunal project management;
  2. Capacity building at the (inter)municipal level;
  3. Capacity building at the FDL;
Fonds de Développement Local (FDL)
BMZ through KfW
02/2016 – 12/2021
Contract value: 2,329,606 €