Madagascar National Park Investment Fund – Phase IV & Sustainable Coastal Fisheries (MNP FI-IV & PCD)

Detailed description of project:

The MNP FI-IV / PCD project consists of two components:

Component A: Fonds d’Investissement – Phase IV (Investment Fund – IV): The objective of the FI-IV component is to consolidate and optimize the operations and management systems, especially co-management, within MNP, and to assist with financial sustainability strategies. The new business-oriented management strategy of MNP includes more partnerships and financial diversification. Being correlated to the PCD component, the FI-IV component also aims at (co-)financing opportunities of MNP's investments along internationally established sustainable management standards of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas (PA) and Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMA) in particular. While the primary target group of FI-IV is MNP itself, downscaling benefits are also intended for the coastal communities in the (peripheral) zones of LMMAs.

Component B: Pêche Côtière Durable (Sustainable Coastal Fisheries): MNP is in the process of integrating and implementing the concepts of "Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMA)" in its mandated support for (co‑)management of marine and coastal protected areas, which are part of the coastal national parks of Madagascar. PCD provides direct TA to MNP itself and, in cooperation with MNP and four NGOs, to six LMMAs in different regions throughout Madagascar. The objective of PCD is to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources in Madagascar’s coastal and marine areas as well as to increase the income of local communities, particularly within the six selected priority National Parks selected by MNP and other responsible institutions and authorities in the environment sector.

Type of services provided:

FI-IV Component: In FI-IV, all AHT TA to MNP is guided by 4 Strategic Axes stipulated in the national Plan GRAP 2014 - 2024 (Management of the Network of Protected Areas). There are specific activities and outputs associated with each strategic axis:

Axis 1 - Conservation: Consolidation of tools; efficiency; new technologies ; Axis 2 - Co-management: HR capacity development; management training modules; e-learning; capacities of local structures for co-management; financial resources allocation and management; analysis / planning tools; partnerships; financial incentives for local MNP structures; (co-)management monitoring; co-management performance indicators (HR) at headquarters and locally; Axis 3 - Priority markets: capacity building of the Marketing and Partnerships Department of MNP; communication plans, specific marketing and business models by market segments; commercial partnerships; a comprehensive strategy for the financial sustainability of MNP; diversification of MNP financing (e.g. REDD +, GEF, GCF, LDCF, SCCF, PES); Axis 4 - Management: Stabilization of staffing; HRD interviews; WIO-COMPAS certification program; trainings on team management and leadership; funds management; guidelines on revenue management; quality of reports; ISO certification.

PCD Component: Provide a comprehensive suite of specific, targeted technical assistance and advice to MNP, Oversee 9 sub-projects implemented by 4 NGOs under PCD grant contracts; Legal frameworking, effective delineation of LMMAs; LMMA management plans (transparency); Ecological and social monitoring; Coastal and marine habitat restoration; co-management strategies to facilitate integrated local management and the effective transition to operational LMMAs; Establishing of LMMA organisational structures for effective management; Information and knowledge management (lessons learned) and professional exchanges within MIHARI (network of LMMA managers). Adaptive re-zoning (categories, users, access rights) of LMMAs to integrate local communities and structures; Specific TA to MNP as implementer of the local LMMA sub-project in Sahamalaza; Effective, sustainable partnerships between MNP, NGOs (implementing LMMA sub-projects), LMMA managers (communities) and other regional actors; An effective LMMA monitoring and evaluation system (MES); Technical capacity building of MNP staff, NGOs, and communities; Capacity building of all actors in sustainable financial management of LMMAs; Specific TA/ CB to MNP and the four NGOs regarding their "exit strategies"; A demand-driven, extensive and adaptive suite of specific types of scientific and technical assistance to MNP, the NGOs and local LMMA managers.

Madagascar National Parks
BMZ through KfW
11/2018 – 12/2023
Contract value: 3,267,071 €