Feasibility study for an Integrated Rural Development/Decentralisation Programme focusing on public infrastructure

Detailed description of project:

The South of Madagascar is known for its drought, isolation, insecurity, malnutrition and kéré (regular famine phases). The interventions of the Technical and Financial Partners (TFP) are multiple but the regional and local absorption capacities remain weak. The Grand Sud region (Great South) is also characterised by its lack of rural infrastructure. There is a strong political will to remedy this situation.

The German-Malagasy Financial Cooperation is part of this governmental initiative and wants to mobilise, through KfW, important funds to intervene in the three Southern regions, Atsimo Andrefana, Androy and Anosy, which include 16 districts, 248 communes, and a total of 3,538,400 inhabitants. It aims to develop a new programme "Decentralisation/Integrated Rural Development, focusing on the development and optimisation of public infrastructure" (D/DRI Programme).

The objective of the Feasibility Study is to "propose a realistic and concerted path for sustainable improvement of governance and communal social and economic services in the three regions of the programme, taking into account the challenges, constraints and specificities of the Grand Sud of Madagascar". By presenting the main lines of the D/DRI Programme, the feasibility study facilitates the creation of a consensus between the stakeholders, the FDL, KfW and representatives of the communes concerned, with regard to the implementation of the programme.

Type of services provided:

The three expected results of the study are:
(i)    The inventory is completed, synergies with other German cooperation programmes are developed:

  • Assessment of the situation in the South, including existing infrastructure, its condition, and the need for new infrastructure;
  • Assessment of the FDL intervention mechanism;
  • Analysis of synergies with other German and international cooperation programmes.

(ii)    The scope of the new programme is defined as follows:

  • Elaboration of the FDL strategic development plan;
  • Specification of the mechanisms for its implementation;
  • Development of its architecture that will result from the first two steps.

(iii)    The feasibility study of the programme includes:

  • SWOT analysis of the FDL and its intervention mechanisms;
  • Proposal of a strategic development plan;
  • Definition of stakeholders, roles and areas of intervention;
  • Detailed description of the consultancy services to support the FDL;
  • Elaboration of the organisational, legal and technical feasibility.


Ministry of the Interior and Decentralisation, Local Development Fund (FDL)
BMZ through KfW
01/2022 – 05/2022
Contract value:
143,975 €