Extension and Rehabilitation of the Mangoky Irrigation Perimeter

Detailed description of project:

The overall objective of the project is to increase the national agricultural production and thus become more independent from imported goods, mainly rice. For this purpose the Bas Mangoky irrigation perimeter (7,000 ha) will be rehabilitated and extended by 5,000 ha, while at the same time the agricultural potential in the area will be enhanced.

The crucial indicator is the increase of the rice production to a total of 143,000 tons with two cultivation cycles per year, based on the same average yield of currently 5.5 t/ha.

Type of services provided:

For the preparation of the second phase of the project, the following studies have been carried out:

  • Planning of the irrigation perimeter comprising: Study for the extension of the irrigated area by 5,000 ha (feasibility study including preliminary design, detailed design and tender documents for the works); Study on the completion of the current rehabilitation phase covering 7,000 ha (preliminary and detailed design and tender documents for the works); Environmental study of the overall perimeter (digital simulation of the Bas Mangoky river flow including flood risk assessment, feasibility assessment, detailed design and tender documents for the works).
  • Agronomic and pedologic survey of the extension area;
  • Organisational, social and economic assessment;
  • Environmental and social impact assessment.

AHT provided the team leader who was responsible for overall project implementation including coordination, completion and presentation of the study report and findings to the client, the donor and the stakeholders.

Ministère de l’Agriculture, Direction du Génie Rural
African Development Bank
02/2014 – 12/2014
Contract value:
567,724 €