Conservation of biodiversity in the Taï-Grebo-Sapo forest complex

Detailed description of project:

The objective of the “Conservation of the Biodiversity in the Taï-Grebo-Sapo forest complex” project is to protect and preserve one of the last remaining continuous Upper Guinean Forest-ecosystems, while considering the needs and opportunities of local communities living within and around the protected areas in both countries. The forest complex stretches over an area of 5775 km2 and is composed of the Taï National Park in Ivory Coast and of the proposed Grebo National Park and the Sapo National Park, both of which are situated in Liberia. This complex is worth protecting and conserving as a whole since it hosts over 1200 plant species and hundreds of animal species such as the West African chimpanzee as well as the world´s largest population of the endangered pygmy hippopotamus.

The project strives towards a transboundary cooperation between Ivory Coast and Liberia, two countries which diverge in terms of laws, regulations and official languages. To meet the overall objective, namely achieving ecological connectivity of the Taï-Grebo-Sapo complex, the project has been divided into two modules with two distinct objectives for each country.

In Liberia, the aim is to improve the framework conditions for the conservation of Liberian protected areas in the Taï-Grebo-Sapo forest complex and for the protection of biodiversity, by 2020.

Type of services provided:

  • Inception phase: Reviewing existing and required management infrastructure, designing a monitoring and evaluation system, developing a management handbook, training stakeholders in project management;
  • Institutional strengthening of FDA (infrastructure, capacity building, material);
  • Establishing a corridor between Grebo and Sapo: Designing a strategy to set up the corridor, conducting participatory planning process, identifying income generating activities and formalizing boundaries with stakeholders, negotiating and formalising community forests as part of the corridor;
  • Biodiversity monitoring and law enforcement: Establishing a data management system, recruitment and training of stakeholders, procurement of equipment, recruitment and training of rangers, implementing patrols;
  • Cross cutting activities: Transboundary negotiations between Ivory Coast and Liberia, drafting a framework agreement, ensuring the approval and the signing of the framework agreement by Ivory Coast and Liberia;
  • Disposition fund management : 5 million €.
Forest Development Authority (FDA)
BMZ through KfW
02/2017 – 01/2021
Contract value: 1,178,735 €