Conservation of the Comoé National Park – Phase II

Detailed description of project:

The project financed by KfW is one of the initiatives for biodiversity conservation in the Comoé National Park (CNP) and its surrounding areas supported by the German Cooperation. The objective of the module is formulated as follows: "OIPR ensures the sustainable management of the Comoé National Park in cooperation with the local population and other local and regional partners." The Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves (OIPR), through the Direction de Zone Nord-Est (DZNE) is the promoter of the project. The DZNE is the competent authority for the management and administration of the Comoé National Park.

A first phase was implemented from 2017 to 2020. Phase II, planned from 2021 to 2025, will also focus on the rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure and the provision of essential equipment to the Park's administration and local communities, with the aim of creating an environment propitious to the protection of biodiversity and the improvement of the living conditions of the Park's local populations.

More specifically, the project aims at:

  • Rehabilitating or building the necessary infrastructure for the management programmes of the park and biodiversity areas and ensuring their sustainable management;
  • Deploying a radio communication network in the CNP and its surrounding areas;
  • Providing air support for the management of the Comoé Area;
  • Providing the necessary equipment and ensure its sustainable management;
  • Contributing to the development and infrastructure of communities bordering the CNP and biodiversity areas;
  • Supporting the development and consolidation of surveillance systems and ecological monitoring.


Type of services provided:

The consulting services provided to the OIPR consist of:

  1. Development of the design details of the project;
  2. Design and implementation of the procurement process;
  3. Preparation of tender documents, cost control, provisional acceptance of construction and review of invoices and other documents provided as part of the tender process;
  4. Establishment of a "remote monitoring system", necessary to monitor the progress of works and the start of operation of the financed infrastructure in restricted areas;
  5. Administration of a disposition fund on behalf of the promoter;
  6. Carrying out a study on the impacts of the project, including a baseline and post-project situation;
  7. Preparation, implementation and monitoring of any environmental, social and health and safety compliance activities.


Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves (OIPR)
BMZ through KfW
01/2021 – 03/2025
Contract value:
2,483,058 €