Drinking Water Supply in the Kindia and Mamou area (AEPKM): Social engineering for sustainable management of water supply networks (Lot 2)

Detailed description of project:

As part of its program in the Republic of Guinea, Enabel has implemented the Drinking Water Supply Project in the Kindia and Mamou area (AEPKM), under funding from the Kingdom of Belgium in three rural communes of the Mamou prefecture, namely: Soyah, Boulliwel and Kegneko.

The three networks, which supply a population of 16,000 inhabitants with 65 standpipes for a production of 185 m³/day, are functional. Organisational structures in charge of technical and financial management, composed of freely elected residents, are implemented for each site. On the technical level, the networks are functioning, but the management structures installed do not yet fulfil the tasks entrusted to them.

The objective of this mission is to support the development and implementation of functional, sustainable, and recognized water management systems as a production factor in the three drinking water supply networks (DWS). At the end of the intervention, the Consulting Engineer ensures the following results:

•    A sustainable drinking water supply management system, supported and led by users, the UGSPE and local authorities, is implemented and operational;
•    A monitoring and evaluation system, equipped with performance indicators, is implemented, and is regularly updated and used for appropriate decisions;
•    Users have equal and equitable access to drinking water;
•    The technical services (SNAPE) and the municipalities are involved in the different phases of social engineering and are able to ensure appropriate control of the proper operation and maintenance of the water supply networks.


Type of services provided:

•    Carrying out diagnostic studies (baseline and capacity development analysis of key actors (municipalities, UGSPE, SNAPE, service providers in charge of maintenance, user associations) and identification of priorities for capacity building) of the operation and maintenance of DWS networks;
•    Development of a capacity development strategy (approach, process, modalities) to support the system of operation and maintenance of DWS networks in consultation with SNAPE, the communities concerned and the management units;
•    Development of a capacity development plan for key actors and sustainable management of water supply networks;
•    Implementation and monitoring of the capacity development plan;
•    Quarterly reporting and final report providing a detailed assessment of the mission and proposals for consolidating the actions undertaken;
•    Reporting.

11/2021 - 11/2023
Contract value:
224,140 €