Agricultural Development in Kindia and Mamou (DAKMA): Social engineering for sustainable management of irrigation schemes (Lot 1)

Detailed description of project:

Within the framework of the "Agricultural Development in Kindia and Mamou (DAKMA)" project, the "Social engineering for sustainable management of irrigation schemes" mission supports the development and implementation of formalised management systems and strengthens water management as production factor in Guinea.

The DAKMA project is currently rehabilitating and expanding several irrigation schemes. The establishment of a sustainable water management systems and infrastructure is underway and support to farmers for the management of the infrastructure in the medium term is required.

The consultant supports twelve project sites throughout four main phases: study phase, works phase, intensive support phase and sustainable management/monitoring/control phase by the decentralised services. The phases do not strictly follow each other chronologically, they overlap.

During these phases, seven water user associations (WUAs) / existing water committees are formed and new WUAs are established and trained in their responsibilities. In addition, the decentralised technical services (Bureau Technique de Génie Rural - BTGR) are included in the process to provide long-term support to the sites.

ENABEL is supported in its ambition to contribute to the improvement of the legal framework, notably by sharing positive examples of sustainable management of WUAs and challenges mastered in the field with technical services with the group of TFPs interested in these issues.

Type of services provided:

  • Support to the study phases in the form of sensitisation of the population and organisation of sessions with the population concerned, discussion with stakeholders on the management and maintenance of irrigation networks and financial and maintenance responsibility;
  • Establishment of irrigation water management organisations (WUAs/management committees): establishment of a constitutive committee, preparation of IR/statutes documentation, establishment of the constitutive general assembly, registration of the committee, preparation of the management delegation contract;
  • Support to the preparation of selection criteria for one irrigation scheme;
  • Preparation of training modules and training of WUAs/water committees in organisational, financial and administrative management as well as water management and maintenance of water infrastructure;
  • Support in finding technical solutions and training of WUAs in the following topics: distribution method, calculation of water tariffs, maintenance costs and water charges, equitable distribution of water resources, estimation of operation and maintenance (O&M) costs;
  • Monitoring and evaluation: development of monitoring indicators, development of a beneficiary database, data collection, preparation of operational sheets;
  • Identification of shortcomings in the legislative framework, positive changes in Guinea, challenges encountered in the field;
  • Support to the deconcentrated technical services on the management of WUAs / water committees, infrastructure maintenance and technical support;
  • Reporting.
08/2021 – 11/2023
Contract value:
297,190 €