Water Supply and Sanitation in Praia and Calheta

Detailed description of project:

Improvement of the hygienic and health conditions in two urban areas (Praia, 120,000 inhabitants and Calheta, 5,000 inhabi­tants) on the Santiago Islands via:

Rehabilitation and Extension of the Water Distribution System:

  • Construction of new reservoirs;
  • Construction of pumping stations;
  • Construction of pumping mains;
  • Construction and rehabilitation of drilled wells;
  • Construction and extension of water distribution networks;
  • Construction and rehabilitation of public water taps;
  • Installation of domestic house connections;
  • Elaboration of water loss reduction programme.

Rehabilitation and Extension of the Sanitation System:

  • Enhancement of house connections to the piped sewer system;
  • Construction of new sewer systems;
  • Construction of waste water pumping stations;
  • Construction of a new waste water treatment plant;
  • Construction of a waste water treatment plant for pre-treatment (disinfection) of hospital effluent;
  • Construction of facilities for the re-use of treated waste water for irrigating municipal greens.


Type of services provided:

  • Technical audit of the water supply network;
  • Preparation of final design and tender documents;
  • Assistance in tendering and contract award;
  • Procurement of equipment;
  • Construction supervision for all works.
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
04/2006 – 09/2011

Contract value:
880,000 €