Program for drinking water and sanitation in the regions of Boucle du Mouhoun, Hauts Bassins and Sud-Ouest “

Detailed description of project:

The program aims at improving the performance of key stakeholders in drinking water supply and sanitation sectors in urban communities of the regions of Boucle du Mouhoun, Hauts-Bassins and Sud-Ouest regions and is organized in four approaches:

  • Support to the governance of the sector;
  • Support to drinking water supply in urban and periurban areas;
  • Support to sanitation services in urban and periurban areas;
  • Strengthening the communes in project implementation.

Particular attention will be paid to the role of communities as the client, to the promotion of universal access to drinking water supply and to accountability. The Consultant's services cover the approaches 1 & 2 of the program.

Type of services provided:

  • Field of action 1: (i) implementation and coordination of the water supply monitoring and evaluation system and elaboration of specific mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of water and sanitation national programs and (ii) development of framework tools for the transfer of funds to the communities;
  • Field of action 2: (i) support to the National Office of Water and Sanitation for the development of tools aimed at implementing the approach "promoting access to safe drinking water and sanitation in periurban and undeveloped areas" and specifically (ii) development of an online information database on the level of access and quality of drinking water and sanitation services in urban and periurban areas of the country;
  • Participation in monitoring and evaluation of the program progress and success.
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
02/2016 – 07/2018

Contract value:
975,900 €