Scaling-up of Drinking Water Quality Monitoring

Detailed description of project:

The Water and Sanitation Programme (Programme Eau Potable, PEP), carried out by GIZ in partnership with the National Directorate of Public Health (Direction Nationale de la Santé Publique, DNSP), has provided the basis for the development of a nation-wide water quality monitoring system that needs further assistance. Implementation of this monitoring system shall be based on a systematic approach. Furthermore, capacities of the DNSP laboratory shall be strengthened concerning water quality monitoring procedures and the use of testing equipment. As a first step a representative baseline survey for water quality was started in the intervention area of the GIZ Programme.

Type of services provided:

  • Evaluation and adjustment of methods and procedures applied in the previous survey;
  • Needs assessment for equipment, reagents and consumables;
  • Assessment of human resources;
  • Needs assessment for additional training;
  • Strengthening of capacities of the local GIZ staff and DNSP’s laboratory staff with the aim to carry out proper water quality baseline studies independently;
  • Organisation of workshops to exchange information and organisation of training sessions for baseline surveys on water quality;
  • Development of a comprehensive and user-oriented manual for conducting baseline surveys on water quality in suburban communities;
  • Execution of a test survey in a pilot area;
  • Launching of a baseline survey on water quality in the GIZ intervention area.
German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development
02/2014 – 12/2014
Contract value: 72,076 €