Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in Oases

Detailed description of project:

The ecological and hydrological situation in the Beni Abbès Oasis was characterised by an over­exploita­tion of the groundwater resources and a corresponding water scarcity. This was amongst others due to a non existing integrated water resources management strategy and changing climate conditions.

Already during the first project phase (2005-2006) a system for integrated water cycle management had been developed on a pilot basis. The model was designed and introduced with the active participation of the population concerned. As priority sectors were identified: drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and irrigation.

Based on the results and experiences made in the first phase, the concept of integrated water resources management was then implemented. The local self-help groups („action committees“) carried out the concepts jointly with the regional and communal institutions (hydraulic authorities, communities). Their tasks comprised among others an improved relationship between customers and the water utility, an increased willingness of the population to pay for water, a better performance of the water utilities, improved water allowances for irrigated agriculture and an increased volume of re-used treated wastewater. Women groups were encouraged to adopt a more active role when implementing the activities. The sensitisation campaigns already started during the first phase ensured acceptance of the measures among the population.

Type of services provided:

  • Collection and analysis of existing hydrological data;
  • Set-up and update of a data base and of a water resources management information system, training of the partner organisations’ staff in data base application and information management;
  • Engineering support for the following infrastructure projects: Drinking water supply (rehabilitation of supply systems); Wastewater treatment (technical design, recycling-oriented wastewater manage­ment, development of operational concept, grey water reuse); Irrigation (scheme rehabilitation, reuse of treated wastewater, introduction of water saving technologies, training of water user groups).
  • Technical and institutional support of the water utility: Financial audit of the municipal departments involved; Organisational analysis of technical and financial operations and recommendations for improvement; Establishment of district metered areas;
  • Sensitisation campaigns to ensure acceptance of the measures by the population.
Ministère des Ressources en Eau
04/2007 – 10/2011
Contract value: 1,330,000 €