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Project " Applied Water Resources Management in the Lake Chad Basin"

Just in time for the beginning of the rainy season in the Sahel region, AHT GROUP GmbH supports the Lake Chad Basin Organisation (LCBC) in the implementation of climate change adaptation measures in the transboundary Waza-Logone wetland (Cameroon/Chad) within the framework of the GIZ project " Applied Water Resources Management in the Lake Chad Basin".


The adaptation measures in the agricultural year 2021/22, are accompanied by local NGOs and consist of the following:

1) Distribution of adapted seeds for sorghum, maize and cowpea (shortened vegetation cycle).

2) Diversification of post-flood crops

3) Support for sustainable fodder production

4) Water and soil management to protect and conserve fertile soils.


The AHT GROUP team on the ground, had spent the last two weeks preparing the NGOs for the accompanying measures in Cameroon and Chad and assisted with the distribution of seeds and materials. A total of 1200 vulnerable households will be supported through the adaptation measures this year.