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Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Capacity Building Programme launched

Created by Frauke Goldmann |

The Lake Victoria is Africa' largest lake by area and the world's second largest fresh water lake. The lake serves as the key source for water supply for the surrounding communities and needs to be protected through sensitive wastewater management. Mwanza is a growing city at the south coast of the lake with a population just below one million inhabitants. Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA) is responsible for the provision of potable water and the wastewater management.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) under the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund supports MWAUWASA with a long-term loan to boost infrastructure investments and strengthen the institutional capacities. For MWAUWASA, the water network will be extended and supplemented with water treatment plants, water tanks and further related infrastructure. A technical assistance programme accompanies the infrastructure investment to accompany the authority (MWAUWASA) to operate and maintain this valuable infrastructure.

Our consortium of Dorsch International (lead), AHT GROUP AG and SAWA (Sanitation and Water Tansania) is now implementing this capacity building programme. The two-year programme consist of eight components to addresses key areas to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the utility with a strong focus on capacity building. The kick-off meeting took place on Friday 22nd of June in Mwanza and was attended by the management of the MWAUWASA, donors, stakeholders well as the team of the consortium.