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AHT provides practical demonstration of drones at GIZ’s FATA 2018 in Bad Neuenahr

Created by Zihni Erencin, Thomas Kaiser |

In recent years, the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or drones as they are more popularly known, has gained substantial momentum as a means of collecting image data for mapping. AHT is very familiar with this technology and is currently using UAV for the detection and mapping of cultivated land in several small-scale irrigation projects in Mali. In addition to a fleet of small drones (DJI Mavic Pro, quadrocopter with rotary-wings), AHT has started employing a fixed-wing aircraft (eBee, from Sensefly), which can fly up to 50 minutes, covering a mapping area of up to 12 km2 in a single flight.

In light of AHT’s expertise in this field, GIZ invited AHT to give a practical demonstration of its UAVs at GIZ’s annual symposium on Forestry, Biodiversity, Climate and Environmental Policies (FATA 2018), which took place from 19th to 21st June in Bad Neuenahr. During the event, AHT’s UAV pilots answered questions on the topic and interacted with interested symposium participants who passed by the UAV stand in the earth-observation pavilion, which AHT shared with its partner E.C.O from Austria. One of the highlights of the entire FATA were two flight demonstrations of the DJI Mavic Pro outside of the pavilion where courageous participants had the opportunity of flying the drone by themselves.