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Small-scale irrigation projects in Mali support local authorities in the prevention of COVID19

The KfW funded IPRODI / Programme Mali-Nord project has begun activities in support of local and regional authorities in the north of Mali for the prevention of COVID 19. In recent weeks, 28 kits, each consisting of a washing station, 2 boxes of soap and 100 flyers have been distributed to the regional administrations and to the deconcentrated technical services in the regions of Timbuktu and Mopti. The project's offices in the Inner Delta intervention zone has also been equipped with such a kit.

The campaign was launched with the distribution of kits to local authorities based in Timbuktu and in the presence of the regional governor and broadcast on television by the national broadcaster ORTM.

Additionally, soap and information leaflets have been distributed to 150 user cooperatives from the IPRODI project. In 2019 and 2020, the project has created 90 rice perimeters of 40 ha each, 20 small market gardens of 10 ha each, and 40 ponds of about 100 ha each. These 150 cooperatives have around 15,000 members (reaching 130,000 people including families). Each cooperative has been provided with 2 boxes of soap and 10 flyers.

In total, 32 washing stations, 400 boxes of soap and 4,500 information flyers have been distributed with t-shirts, caps and posters informing about the prevention campaign.

This campaign was carried out in collaboration with the NGO ASSOS. The NGO was founded to provide support to orphans by a group of young graduates who, due to lack of employment in the professions studied in Timbuktu, founded an NGO and collaborate with projects such as IPRODI, for example for the distribution of basic kits for primary schools in the intervention zone.

The information and awareness-raising campaign is further supported by radio broadcasts on five stations covering the two project regions (Timbuktu and Mopti), potentially reaching up to 550,000 listeners. The programme was broadcast five times a day in five languages (French, Arabic, Tamashek, Sonrai and Poular) for one week at the beginning of the campaign and will be broadcast for a second week at the end of Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

During the coming weeks, the small-scale irrigation projects (IPROs) in the regions of Koulikoro, Sikasso and Mopti will also begin activities supporting the authorities in carrying out the Action Plan for the Prevention of and Response to COVID-19 in Mali.

Launch of the campaign with the distribution of kits to local authorities based in Timbuktu, 14.04.2020; source : IPRODI/Programme Mali-Nord
(ORTM Mali)