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AHT-Designed M&E System Presented to Stakeholders in Rwanda

Created by Thorsten Kisner |

On the 6th and 7th of July, the Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA) conducted a two-day stakeholder workshop on its Monitoring and Evaluation Information System (MEIS) in Kigali (Rwanda).

This system was designed by AHT’s IT team and serves the purpose of improving the performance of the government at the local level and ensuring greater citizens’ participation. In particular, the tool helps track key steps throughout the project cycle such as planning, procurement, monitoring, project management & financial compliance as well as operation & maintenance for infrastructure and social protection projects.  The Citizen’s Complaint Module (CCM) makes it possible for citizens to identify and voice shortcomings in the implementation of projects locally. The workshop was equally an opportunity for users to provide feedback on the system to allow for it to be further finetuned to better suit local needs.