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AHT hold two inception workshops for the “Adaptation to Climate Change Project Phase II (ACC II) – Accompanying Measures in Jordan”

Created by Rania Taha |

Earlier in December 2022, AHT held two workshops with the purpose of presenting the team's findings during the Project inception phase which included various assessments at four levels: (1) The King Abdullah Canal (Component 1 of the Project), (2) pumping stations, (3) water distribution networks, and (4) the individual farm level (Component 2 of the Project).

The inception workshop presenting the findings of Component 1 was held in Amman and included representatives of various departments of the Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) involved in the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the Canal, as well as representatives of KfW and other internationally funded projects targeting Canal improvements. The inception workshop presenting the findings of Component 2 was held near the Dead Sea and included representatives of the JVA, Water User Associations (WUA) and farmers.

Both workshops were chaired by Her Excellency Eng. Manar Al-Mahasneh, the Secretary General of JVA, who in her welcome speeches confirmed that Jordan is greatly impacted by climate change and acknowledged the need for climate change adaptation measures in the agricultural sector to maintain food security.