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AHT GROUP expands its project portfolio in Jordan

Created by Rania Taha |

As part of a Joint Venture led by Dorsch International Consultants, AHT has been awarded two contracts to carry out feasibility studies in Jordan, both financed through the KfW Development Bank.

The feasibility study for Environmentally and Climate Friendly Sewage Disposal Jordan aims to determine a consensus amongst the regulators and other stakeholders on a socially and environmentally acceptable means to manage the sludge whether through reuse or disposal specifically considering northern governorates in Jordan.  

The second feasibility study refers to the Consulting Services for Preparing a Detailed Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design as part of the Adaptation to Climate Change through water Loss Reduction of King Abdullah Canal (KAC). Its specific objective is to provide the Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) with all necessary managerial, technical, financial, economic, social and environmental information and tools for informed decision making and to implement a feasible solution for KAC in a sustainable manner.