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More Income and Employment in Rural Areas through Infrastructures and Financing – Component 1: Implementation of Economic Infrastructure, Malawi

Created by Karolin Herpers |

The consortium of AHT, CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter and the Blantyre-based local company Green Arch Design (under AHT’s lead) assist the National Local Governance Finance Committee (NLGFC) in realising eight markets in the context of the KfW-funded Programme MIERA – Component 1. The consortium is providing services spanning from initial design, over tendering to works supervision and operation and maintenance concepts.
The consortium follows a design approach that caters to beneficiaries’ needs by focussing on inclusive basic support infrastructures and services. These enhance the proper functioning of a marketplace. The plans showcase a vision for future market development, and each provides for an individualised and locally adapted market space.
Beneficiaries’ satisfaction with the completed markets becomes apparent in local media. Accordingly, Malawi newspaper “The Weekend Nation” published an article on Neno District Market on December 25, 2021:
“All the sun and rain-related challenges are gone with the new structures. It is easy to clean and preserve the vegetables”.
“The 36-year-old woman says now she is making enough money to meet needs of her family.”
“Neno District Council building engineer Pemphero Chikuse is pleased with the good quality works, saying the structure will face-lift the Boma and increase revenue collection.” (Mhone, T. (2021, December 25). New Neno Market to help vendors thrive, The Weekend Nation, p. 11).

Malawi newspaper “The Nation” published an article on Sadzi II Market in Zomba District on January 13, 2022:
“Juma expresses delight towards the development, saying it will improve their business environment.”
“We will be productive whether there is rain or not. More customers will patronise the market because it is beautiful and they are assured of their safety.” (Mhone, T. (2022, January 13). Sadzi Market excites vendors, council, The Nation, p. 8).

Foto from Oliver Schetter