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AHT extends its portfolio to Guinea-Conakry

Created by Claudia Veh |

AHT together with its partners SECT (Guinea) and BETICO (Mali), have been contracted for the first time by the Belgian development agency ENABEL to implement the project “Social engineering for the sustainable management of (1) newly constructed irrigation and (2) water supply systems in Guinea-Conakry”. This extends AHT’s portfolio with a new country reference.

The objective of the project’s lot 1 is to improve in a sustainable manner the competitiveness of entrepreneurs active in the pineapple, mango and potato sectors by enhancing the conditions of production, processing and marketing. The Consultant's task is to enable water user groups to operate the irrigation systems in the Kindia and Mamou regions efficiently. The Consultant’s activities are carried out through a participatory approach which involves beneficiaries directly in planning and implementation decisions during all project phases.

The objective of lot 2 is to improve the living conditions of rural populations due to sustainable access to drinking water in the communes of Soyah, Boulliwel, and Kégnéko within the prefecture of Mamou. The Consultant’s services aim to improve the management capacities of the main actors in the water supply service in order to provide a quality public water service that enables everyone to have access to sufficient quality water. The activities of AHT-SECT-BETICO include the elaboration of a diagnosis related to operation and maintenance of the respected networks, strategy development to support the improvement of the operating and maintenance system of the drinking water supply networks, capacity building and sustainable management as well as the implementation and monitoring of the strategy plan.