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International Watershed Management Specialist (m-f-d)

Short project description

AHT GROUP is seeking a qualified Expert (m-f-d) for the position of International Watershed Management Specialist for the ADB-funded Consulting Services for Detailed Design for Harnessing of Hill Torrents in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur. The Project’s specific tasks entail collecting hydro-meteorological data and preparing and updating feasibility studies for the harnessing of hill torrents followed by their detailed engineering designs and preparation of Project readiness support.

Job description

  1. Visit all catchment areas of the hill torrents included in the Project and prepare an inventory of the terrains, rivers and channels, lakes, soil types, flora and fauna, settlements and land use
  2. Together with the Hydrologists, collect relevant hydro-meteorological data and analyse it relating with the terrain and soil characteristics and land use and calculate sediment flow characteristics of various areas within the Project watershed areas
  3. Identify key factors affecting flow patterns and sediment flows, and propose measures for regulating the flow patterns, stabilising soils and reducing sediment flows
  4. Identify locations and types of economical, environmentally-friendly and sustainable structural and non-structural measures for reducing flow peaks, regulating flows and reducing sediment generation and flows
  5. Propose social means, actions, required government support and legislation necessary for sustainable management of Project watersheds
  6. Provide input regarding spate irrigation for updating the feasibility studies and preparing detailed design for hill torrent projects using own international experience

Detailed requirements

BSc Civil Engineering and MSc or PhD in Civil / Water Resources / Hydraulic Engineering

Country/Regional experience:
Several years of work experience on major projects in South Asia


Expertise / Profile:

  • Long professional experience
  • Many years of work experience in the planning and design of large-scale water resources development projects
  • Experience on similar hill torrents projects

Please note:
Candidates (m-f-d) who do not meet all the criteria will not be considered.


DG Khan and Rajanpur

Project / assignment duration:
4 person months

Estimated assignment start:
May / June 2021



Please contact vacancies(at) to express your interest and to send your CV, preferably in KfW format.
To receive the Project Terms of Reference and more information regarding the Project and specific position, please, contact Ms. Rania Taha at taha(at)