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Irrigation Hydroponics, Rainwater Harvesting Expert (m/f/d)

Short project description

The project Climate-Resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS), commissioned and financed by Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF), presents an opportunity to comprehensively mainstream and implement climate resilience throughout Grenada’s entire national water sector. The project’s holistic approach addresses two main climate risks and vulnerabilities of Grenada: freshwater availability and disaster preparedness. Other Caribbean communities share these vulnerabilities, rendering this project a model for regional application.

Climate change poses a severe threat to Grenada’s water supply, because the small island developing state (SIDS) relies on surface water sources and rainwater catchment. Water is a scarce resource in Grenada and climate change has already begun to aggravate the problem with an increasing average temperature and more erratic rainfall. More frequent heavy rainfall events make water supply outages more common due to high turbidity in the raw water supply. Saltwater intrusion in coastal groundwater aquifers due to sea level rise will further reduce the availability of freshwater in the future. The Vulnerability Assessment (VA) undertaken as part of the G-CREWS project preparation also indicates the water sector’s high level of exposure, sensitivity and limited adaptive capacity to cope with climate change impacts.

In order to avoid critical climate-induced water shortages in the future, this project supports Grenada’s water sector in both reducing its water demand and improving water availability so that Grenada is able to ensure resilience to climate variability and expected future climate change until 2050.

The main objective of the G-CREWS project is to increase systemic climate change resilience in Grenada’s water sector.

Job description

Among other tasks, the expert (m/f/d) will:

  • Support the Grenada Development Bank (GDB) in the elaboration of the concept, launch and promotion for the Challenge Fund for Agriculture (climate-resilient commercial users);
  • Develop the guidelines for the application by farmers as well as a monitoring system for the application of these guidelines;
  • Support the operation and implementation of Challenge Fund based on the developed guidelines and monitoring system by assessing the irrigation needs and water conservation potential on a farm-by-farm basis over a 3-year period, supporting farmers to switch to micro-sprinklers or drip, to install rainwater harvesting systems and/or to adopt hydroponics, and by designing the most suitable water-efficient farming solution for a given farm;
  • Work as an auditor together with local experts which will accompany the auditing process and train them on the job.
Detailed requirements

University qualification in irrigation or agricultural engineering

Country/Regional experience:
Some years of work experience in CARICOM;
Several years in Developing Countries

Good business language skills in English

Expertise / Profile:
General professional experience:
Several years of work experience in agriculture and in Development Cooperation (DC);
Specific professional experience:
Several years of work experience in:

  • water efficient irrigation,
  • water audit processes,
  • supporting Development Banks,
  • implementation and design of rainwater harvesting,
  • hydroponics and shade houses,
  • supervising farm-by-farm assessment with small farms.


Region and duty station:
Grenada with travel in the region

Project / Assignment duration:
A total of 18 month within a project period of 60 months

Estimated project start:
December 2020

Project status:



Please contact vacancies(at) to express your interest and to send your CV, preferably in GIZ/EuropeAid format.
For further details, please, contact Dr. Marielly Casanova at: / +49 201 2016 270.